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If you would like to talk to me, or have any queries or would like to make an appointment, I'd love to hear from you.

Jo Ballard (Mrs)
Peace of Mind Therapeutic Centre
Buryas Bridge
TR19 6AN

Telephone: 01736 731 784
Mobile: 07977 641340



Leave Penzance on the A30 towards Land End.

Drive for 3.5 miles until you reach Drift (Drift is a cluster of houses with a crossroads in the middle).

On the left hand turn of the crossroads you will see a telephone box, a seat and a sign saying Chyenhal 3/4 mile. Take that turn to Chyenhal (this is a winding country lane with only entrances to farms).

At 3/4 mile you will come to a granite barn on your left that touches the road (it is opposite a yellow cottage that also touches the road)

When looking up the drive of the granite barn on your left you will see a sign saying ‘Peace of Mind Therapeutic Centre’

Turn into the drive and park wherever you like! Come to the single story barn on your left (not to be confused with the granite barn you have just driven up the side of on your right).

You have arrived – welcome!